Why do I need Counselling?
We all face challenges and difficulties at different times in our lives. Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed and we feel that we are helpless. People seek counsellling for any number of reasons, stress over a job loss, uncertainty about our future, sadness due to loss and bereavement, difficulties in relationships and problems around an addiction. There are many other reasons why you can benefit by talking to a professional counsellor/psychotherapist.


Counselling can help in many ways including:
  • Time out each week to make sense of life.
  • A reliable secure place to return to each week.
  • A place to feel supported, heard, understood and accepted for who you are.
  • Somewhere you don't have to pretend.
  • Developing the ability to see difficulties more objectively.
  • Somewhere to recover confidence, self-belief and trust.



How long does Counselling take?
Each person is unique. The length of time in counselling varies from person to person. Depending on the issue some people need only a few sessions while some may need more. Initially I recommend six sessions. It is the choice of every individual whether or not they continue counselling.



How long does a session last?
Sessions normally last approx. one hour.



How often do I attend?
Counselling is normally offered on a weekly basis. Extra sessions are available if they are required.



How much does it cost?
There is a set fee for each session, which is discussed and agreed when you call to make an appointment. A limited number of places are available at a reduced rate for those who can't afford the full fee.



What happens in a Counselling session?
During a counselling session a safe and confidential space is created in which you can explore your thoughts and feelings. Sessions usually involve you and your therapist exploring what is creating difficulty for you in your life.
Some people find this a bit scary yet counselling is practiced in a warm, friendly, open and affirming way. Simply put, you are invited to talk about whatever is foremost on your mind. This can be problems, confusions, anxieties, feelings, thoughts, memories, dreams etc. The therapist listens and tries to help you make sense of whatever is happening.
What and how much you would like to say is your choice. The conversations are confidential. The therapist is there to support you and help you reach clarity, understanding and a way through your difficulties.


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