Bereavement and Loss


The loss of a loved one can be indescribably painful and life shattering. The intensity of feelings can be frightening, overwhelming, mercilessly unrelenting and unforgiving. Life can seem empty, robbed of  colour and purpose.
While the shock of the loss is hard enough perhaps the hardest part of grieving is when the days turn into weeks and the weeks turn into months - externally life moves on but inside it's like time has stopped and left behind numb emptiness.
The circumstances of the loss can also affect the normal grieving process. For instance losses from suicide can be particularly difficult to come to terms with. Some losses may be more hidden, the loss of a pregnancy can be devastating yet largely invisible.
Other losses can occur when we lose any important part of our lives such as a job, a beloved pet, a marriage, our health or our identity. Often we do not realise that we have suffered such losses and wonder why we feel sad and confused.
It can be difficult to pick up the pieces of your life following any loss. A therapist can help you make meaning of the loss over time. Talking about our losses is difficult and often painful but it is far more beneficial than repressing or avoiding our feelings which may prolong the grieving process.
Although this is a difficult time in your life you don't have to go through it alone.
                                            "To get through the hardest journey,
                                            We need take only one step at a time."



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