People can become addicted to many things. Generally we see something as an addiction if someone feels unable to stop the behaviour or experiences ongoing problems caused by the behaviour. Someone may be missing work due to hangovers, spending more than they can afford on gambling or becoming physically sick or depressed due to drug use.
Commonly we think of alcohol and drugs when we think of addictions but people can also become addicted to gambling, sexual behaviour (pornography or visiting sex workers), exercise, internet gaming, eating or food to name a few.
Often people will turn to an addiction because of stress or perhaps a lack of other ways to manage painful emotions. What starts out as a way of feeling better turns into a habitual way of coping. Over time this can lead into addiction with psychological or physical dependence.
Getting Help
If you have any addiction concerns it helps to talk to a professional trained in addictions. They can help you decide if your use is a problem and make some practical plans to start changing your usage so you feel more in control.
They can help you understand your emotional needs and face the realities of life with more hope of addressing your underlying problems attached to your addiction.


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